It's a slap in the face

I am a U.S. Air Force retired senior noncommissioned officer. I served proudly for more than 22 years. I served in Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and other places all over the world.


While in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan I can tell you that many of the people we worked with told us they did not want us in their country. I hear from returning veterans whom I proudly welcome back home: “They don’t want us there now.” They would rather live their own lives and don’t want democracy.

The United States continues to insult those leaders and countrymen over and over. Women have little or no status over there. They are there to have children. So what do the past two presidents do? They send in females as secretaries of state to represent the United States. Don’t any presidents, their advisers or members of Congress who approve the nominees have any idea what an insult this is to the leaders of their countries? I guess not. It’s a slap in the face.

When did the United States become the police force of the world? Many of “we the people” told the president that as soon as our troops came home, the same situation that drove us over there in the first place would return. The national news told all of us that within one week of our departure, Fallujah, Iraq, already was being taken back by radical Islamists. How will the president justify, to all the families who lost their loved ones over there protecting the city, why those lives were lost?

Speaking of slaps in the face, do they think “we the people” are stupid or incompetent, or just don’t care what he does to us? The news reported that he gave his wife a birthday present of allowing her to stay an extra day or two in Hawaii. The cost to “we the people” will be more than $1 million. We are paying for all the hotel rooms, food and transportation for the Secret Service and air crews to fly Her Highness back to Washington to her free house and meals. The fuels alone for the plane will be hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I wish I could ask “we the people” to foot the bill and send my wife to Hawaii for a day or two on her birthday.

Think what that money could do for the homeless and/or returning war heroes who really need the help. Do they really think we are that stupid?

Richard E. Schultz




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