Morals are under siege

We are under siege by our government and special-interest groups that do not want moral responsibility.


The world is offering the sacrifice of hundreds of thousands of Christians without a word of protest. Massacres in Syria come from some rebels whom the United States support. The Muslim Brotherhood is burning churches and killing Christians, which the media and the White House keep largely silent. Here in the United States, our military is threatened if anyone dares bring up prayer and the name of Jesus Christ. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to pray in public, in businesses and in schools, or teach American history that promotes our Christian heritage.

Political correctness has infiltrated our churches, so we cannot speak out against immorality or anti-Christian sentiment. We are shouted down and we are not heard when we shout back. There was a pro-life march on Washington, D.C., but the media devoted, by one count, only 22 seconds of air time covering the event.

The shame is not on those who persecute us. The same is that we do not stand against it.

Clifford Henning

Graniteville, S.C.



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