Fire spurs Samaritans

On Feb. 5, neighbors and I had an opportunity to witness a blessing as a result of a tragedy.


A neighboring family lost their home in a house fire. What was amazing was the quick response by the North Augusta Department of Public Safety, the North Augusta Fire Department, volunteers from the Belvedere Fire Department and perhaps others. Their teamwork and professionalism were appreciated by all of us.

There were many other caring individuals who provided assistance in numerous actions, such as bringing cases of water for the firefighters and police. Teachers from the daughter’s school came to check on her and bring breakfast for the family. The neighbors who came to the family’s side, along with others in the neighborhood and their church, all offered their assistance in many ways.

Food, clothing and necessary toiletries were brought to them before mid-afternoon. South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. staff were there in the morning, and so were other individuals who showed up to put tarps in place on the house next door that was damaged because of the heat from the fire.

We also want to extend our thanks to the American Red Cross for its assistance, and to all who sent out prayers for the family. The compassion shown by the reporters from the various TV stations was remarkable – not only in how they approached the situation, but how they reported their stories.

I am sure I have missed someone, and I apologize for the oversight. Just know that if you were on-site on Bridle Path Road in Bergen Place, your presence and assistance were not lost.

What we witnessed as a result of the tragedy was astounding. We thank God the family was not injured and for keeping everyone safe in the organized chaos.

Nina J. Raeth

North Augusta, S.C.



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