Christianity is a hard sell

Christianity is not practical because it takes away our own individuality, and our ability to make our own decisions and to live our lives in freedom. If we follow its biblical rules, then we actually commit our lives to its founder, Jesus Christ, and in that commitment we are no longer our own, but we belong to Him!

This kind of surrender goes against our own nature – and why would one want to bring others into this same lifestyle? Every Sunday morning on television, we see their sad faces as they sing about how happy they are to know this Jesus. Why should anyone ever want to get involved in this religion?

Yet we must admit it has made a deep impression upon the history of the world and especially on that of the United States.

Maybe Christians need a new public relations man – or maybe they have lost something in their lives. After all, it is not very popular to be a Christian today! You know, the book they base their faith on seems to be outlawed. Even prayer appears to be restricted in public settings, and the only time the name of Jesus is permitted is as a swear word.

Funny, the personal contact with the God of Creation is no longer exciting. Too bad. He just won’t go away!



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