Nation's future at stake

Our two-party system naturally creates an adversarial relationship between the opposing sides.


Many people wrongly believe that the party in power, once elected, should be allowed to pass any legislation they desire. Not so! Our system of government was created with the intention to make it difficult to pass legislation without long and arduous discussion and debate.

Progressive (liberal/socialist) Democrats, who never seem to consider the ramifications of their actions, appear governed entirely by their emotions. A prime example is the nightmare now before us – the (Un)Affordable Care Act.

When it became law, there were not enough thoughtful people in Congress to stand in effective opposition. So, Democrats willed it upon us and shoved it down our collective throats, whether we wanted it or not!

Whenever a progressive Democrat is in a decision-making position, you can certainly believe decisions will be made only with the politically correct view in mind, and how the decision will play to their constituents, rather than asking whether it’s the right thing to do for the country. We hear talk of a “do-nothing Congress,” but it would be chilling if sycophant Democrats and this administration were to get all they wished for!

We will absolutely cease to exist as the America we have known – simply because of a government seeking total dominance, and the party in power willing to govern against the will of the people. We are well on the way to becoming a police state, with our constitutional rights disappearing or being overridden.

This administration is lawless, while congressional Democrats applaud and protect! They both show contempt for the American people, in that they continuously and brazenly lie to achieve and protect their agenda.

Our fate is that we either will (a) fall or (b) rise up and dismiss the socialist dictators from power. The election cycle in 2014 is crucial to the future of the country.

Robert Smock