Country reaches new ebb

The current administration tries to paint a rosy picture of the State of the Union, but there are reasons why this country is at a low.


First, this administration ignores the rule of law, thereby creating uncertainty. It takes maturity and experience to actually talk to people to reach agreements, but this president thinks by unilaterally governing from the executive branch, he can force Congress’ hand or make its members be perceived as the bad guys.

Second, biased, left-leaning media refuse to expose the whole truth. We have the Affordable Care Act today because the mainstream media failed to do its job and report the truth about the law when they had the chance.

Third, the economic policies and regulatory climate of this administration focuses on aggressive redistribution of wealth. The president tries to disguise this movement with words such as “fairness” and “equality,” but we all know it’s really socialism – a system that has been tried repeatedly and has failed, because people do not strive for success if they know there’s no reward. The result is low productivity and mediocrity, and it keeps businesses from hiring and expanding.

Fourth, the negative rhetoric coming out of the White House and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have done nothing but advance the partisan and dysfunctional behavior in our government. They criticize the right for doing nothing in one breath, and then double down on name-calling in the next breath – then expect cooperation. The result is that Congress either gets nothing done or the right comes off as obstructionists for trying to be the adults in the room.

Fifth, this administration’s foreign policy has no clear direction and just seems to bend with the wind. This is what happens when you have an administration that lacks maturity and experience, and mainstream media that don’t expose the truth.

Frank Chandler




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