Obama is a poor leader

I feel compelled to express my annoyance with President Obama’s State of the Union address.


Watching the Democrats clap when Obama threatened to bypass Congress if they didn’t do what he wanted reminded me of a bunch of clapping wind-up dolls.

The puppet master led his dog-and-pony show with his usual expertise in blather. After watching his pathetic attempt to mesmerize the crowds yet again, I feel that all have missed what is really going on.

Obama is guilty of the crime of omission. He used a few pawns to push his socialist agenda. The manipulator-in-chief acknowledged one woman who lost her job, which he thinks justifies raising the minimum wage – but he, of course, omitted the fact that it was because of his leadership that 50 million people are now unemployed.

The next woman mentioned had an operation for a pre-existing condition under Obamacare – but no mention was given to the 5 million people who lost their health-care insurance because of his plan.

When he brought up being the top country in the solar industry, he omitted the fact that he spent millions of taxpayer dollars on companies that went bankrupt.

As an independent voter and a 100-percent disabled Marine veteran of Vietnam, I should point out another despicable act that Obama committed that is just morally wrong. He used a disfigured Army sergeant to ingratiate himself to veterans – as if Obama really cared. On two occasions he went before the public threatening the continuation of veterans’ current compensation checks if Congress didn’t raise the debt ceiling.

Obama is not honest, nor is he a good leader. He is someone who will use every dirty trick in the book to get what he wants.

Gregory J. Topliff

Warrenville, S.C.