Signs are visual nuisance

Whatever happened to the law that prevented people and businesses from posting signs and advertisements all over the rights-of-way and telephone poles? That law must have been done away with, because Augusta looks like the Myrtle Beach, S.C., strip.


There are piles of signs on every corner and pole in this town. No part of this town seems exempt, from the Hill to every neighborhood corner. If I had to sell my house in a hurry, I would have a lot of leads. There must be 50 different “We Buy Houses” operations working this town. And I can apparently make $3,420 from my tax return (that is, if I am single, have a kid and earn very little money). Also, Masters Tournament tickets, anyone?

I have businesses to run myself. I’d like to post ads all over the place, too. I’m sure it works! Who doesn’t want free advertising? The problem is that I think it is illegal – but that doesn’t seem to matter anymore, because every business, big and small, is sticking a sign right out in front of mine. It truly has become a problem.

Is there no revenue for the city to make off of this offense? Seems easy enough to me. There’s a phone number on every one of those signs. Sounds to me like there is more money in this than in speeding tickets. Maybe the beat police should be taking phone numbers instead.

Or perhaps I’ll start a sign company. There has got to be money in this for somebody besides the people sticking signs in every patch of dirt.

Bart O’Quinn




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