Pen mightier than GOP

Our Dear Leader has spoken. President Obama has warned Republicans in Congress that he has a pen and a telephone to make laws. Republican House Speaker John Boehner rebutted that “we have the Constitution.” Let’s see:


• Dear Leader is unafraid to use the pen.

Boehner resembles a deer in the headlights. But at least he has the Constitution.

• Dear Leader and the anti-American Democratic Party fight like rabid dogs for their Marxist agenda.

Boehner cowers in the presence of Dear Leader, the press and other leftist, progressive forces. He desires common ground. But at least he has the Constitution.

• Dear Leader continues to escalate the national debt. It’s $17.3 trillion and climbing as of today.

Boehner and Republicans took the House majority in 2011. The debt then was $14 trillion. They raised the debt ceiling many times. But at least they have the Constitution.

• Dear Leader lies, cheats and steals, divides the nation, gins up “class warfare,” usurps congressional power and usurps the rule of law. He dictates by executive fiat what law to enforce and what parts of laws to waive. He slams, with extreme force and malice, health-care “reform” down the throats of America – and lies about it.

Boehner and Republicans roar that they’ll repeal Obamacare – but enable funding for Obamacare. He attacks other conservatives, Tea Party allies, et al. But at least they have the Constitution.

• Dear Leader demands an omnibus bill for fiscal year 2014 – a 1,582-page spending bill realizing $1.2 trillion in more debt.

Boehner and Republicans author an omnibus bill. Few read it. They continue cuts to military heroes’ retirements, and pass the bill with the help of Democrats, including U.S. Rep. John Barrow. But at least they have the Constitution.

By my count – not including myriad other corruptions, lies and deceit by Dear Leader – Pen 5, Constitution 0.

Thank you, Republicans! Thank you, Mr. Speaker!

David B. Caudle



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