Keep talking book center

I read, with great dismay, the article regarding the possible closing of our regional Talking Book Center in favor of a statewide central center in Atlanta.


For nearly 25 years, Audrey Bell has provided me with books on tape. My blindness has gradually worsened, and she has worked with me the whole time. She has an amazing flair for assisting patrons in receiving books in which they are interested. She has unfailingly remembered favorite authors and subjects. In talking with other patrons, she supplies them with the same personal service.

My experience with other service centers has not been favorable. They send titles with incorrect tapes inside. This has happened on many occasions, and service is slow!

Another service provided by the Augusta center is the quick repair or replacement of digital players or cassette players. This process would be almost impossible if the center was in Atlanta.

I fervently hope that our Augusta center will not be cut off. It’s amazing that a service that is succeeding so magnificently should be done away with.

Susan B. Moore


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