Letter: Terrorism still real threat

Again, President Obama makes light of terrorism with regards to the upcoming Olympics in Russia. He just cannot bring himself to even utter the words “terrorist” or “radical Islamist” when the subject comes up. I supposed that when Osama bin Laden was killed, terrorism – in the mind of the president– suddenly vanished before our very eyes. So, now all that is left is “man caused disasters” and “domestic law enforcement issues.”

I guess when a dirty bomb is unleashed somewhere either here or in another country, the president might reconsider his rhetoric. No sugar-coating or changes in the wording will erase what has been and is happening around the world.

Radical Islam and terrorism go hand in hand and is very active in the world today, and it is past due time for Obama to experience a little introspection and wake up from this apparent dream he is having.

Larry Rodgers



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