Men would be fine mayors

The Augusta mayoral election is several months away. I’m not voting for candidates who are political pimps, arrogant political bullies and buffoons and who exhibit negative behaviors.


Also, I’m not voting for candidates who I think are interested only in marketing their local celebrity brand to enhance their personal financial gains and popular recognition.

For the first time, I will write in a name on the mayoral ballot for a candidate I think would sincerely serve our community in a meaningful and stellar manner. As of now, I will write the names of either Cedric Johnson or Willie Mays on my ballot.

These are two respectable gentlemen who are worthy, astute, creditable, intelligent and articulate enough to serve as Augusta’s next mayor.

Mr. Johnson is someone I have great admiration for, and whom I consider to be a “mailman,” because he does deliver. He serves as director of community affairs for Georgia Regents University. Also, he has spent many years of service in the banking industry, is chairman for the Augusta Avia­tion Commission and is chairman of the Augusta-Richmond County Coliseum Authority.

Mr. Mays is a local businessman who has a stellar history of community statesmanship. He’s a former Augusta commissioner. Also, he served as interim mayor for the city of Augusta for a short period of time. He would be a competent and successful public statesman who would move the Garden City to the next level for international recognition.

Many Augustans might say my write-in vote would be a waste, but these individuals can talk to the hand, because it’s my prerogative to do what I want. To borrow a phrase from the late and great Frank Sinatra, I’m going to do it my way.

E. Maner




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