Drive out city's 'snakes'

David Brond, senior vice president of communications and marketing for Georgia Regents University, says, “Really, it’s not about the signage,” then blah-blahs about what a stellar university we have (“ ‘Augusta’ left off new signs at GRU,” Jan. 14).

Well, it is about the signage. And honesty. And honoring your promises. And employing people of ethical character.

Where is Augusta’s leadership? Stand up and say “no!” I live in Aiken County, so I don’t have a dog in the fight. I just can’t handle the way the name “Georgia Regents University” was foisted on Augusta, and now the failure to honor the “compromise” made by GRU President Ricardo Azziz in October 2012.

Augusta has poisonous snakes in its midst. Light the torches and drive them out. The character “Gru” in the Despicable Me movies had minions. It seems Azziz does, too. Chase his miserable butt back to wherever he came from.

Robert L. Titus

North Augusta, S.C.

'Augusta' left out of Georgia Regents University signs


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