Help us make a difference

One of the most gratifying parts of serving as chairman of United Way of the CSRA is seeing firsthand the caring nature of our community. Year after year, we come together as a community with the common purpose of making a difference in the lives of others. It is a defining characteristic and is one of the reasons so many of us call the CRSA home.


The needs in our community, like those of so many other cities and towns throughout the United States, continue to be great. Through the giving nature of individuals and companies in the CSRA, your United Way is hard at work helping meet many of these health and human service needs. The combined efforts of donors make a significant impact in our community by funding programs that strengthen individuals, either in a specific time of need or as they work to better themselves for the future.

Many after-school, tutoring, mentoring and outreach programs work to equip our youth with needed education and life skills. At the same time, ready-to-work, job skills training, development services and income-based child-care programs ensure those who strive to become self-sufficient have the opportunity to better their future – and the future of the CSRA.

These are but a few examples of the outcome-focused programs that help many set a new direction in their lives; support others who find themselves in unexpected situations beyond their control; and help those who simply cannot help themselves. In all, your contributions help support 44 specific programs administered by United Way’s 23 partner agencies. Our community is much stronger and a better place to live for us all because of outcomes achieved by these programs.

With your help, we will meet our $4.1 million campaign goal. Your United Way will continue to be a great steward of your investment as we ensure your contributions are supporting measurable outcomes that truly make a difference in the CSRA.

If you already have given to the United Way campaign, we appreciate your support. If you have not given, please consider doing so today. You may contribute through; mail a check to United Way of the CSRA, P.O. Box 1724, Augusta, GA 30903; or contact United Way at (706) 724-5544.

Thank you for your support of our community.

(The writer is chairman of the United Way of the CSRA Board of Directors.)



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