Keep book center

This is in response to the article “Talking book center on chopping block again” in the Dec. 19 Augusta Chronicle.


I wrote in March 2010 in support of keeping the Talking Book Center in Augusta when it was threatened, and have to speak up again.

My son Jamie, now deceased, was blind. The talking books center was very important to him for more than 30 years. I am certain it is important to those who use it today.

There are numerous benefits to having the center in Augusta, such as: greater accessibility for checking out books in person or by phone; for return of talking book machines if repairs are needed, and being able to exchange it for one that works immediately; and personal interactions/discussions with librarians. Also, it is well-known that those with disabilities who are educated have greater potential for employment. Having the Talking Book Center in Augusta helps promote literacy.

Not only should the center be kept in Augusta, it should be expanded. Newer books on tape and CDs should be added. People with disabilities should have the same access to those books as those without disabilities.

Please keep the Talking Book Center!


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