Why ban carols at the VA?

On Dec. 23, I was appalled by the article I read on the front page of The Augusta Chronicle: “VA hospital rule blocks caroling of religious songs.” This is so asinine! Religious Christmas songs have been a part of American life as far back as I can remember.


The VA hospital is filled with American service members of all races and religions. Why do we have to always give up what is dear to our hearts to satisfy a few who have decided our songs praising the birth of Jesus are offensive? If our beautiful Christmas songs offend them, they are free to excuse themselves or wear earplugs.

I am sure the majority of our veterans look forward to hearing these songs being sung by the carolers. We Americans are having to give up more and more of our rights and beliefs so as not to offend people of other religions. Why?

In 1965, when the 1st Squadron, 7th Cavalry of the 1st Cavalry Division was getting ready to board choppers to the Ia Drang Valley, the Methodist battalion chaplain did not say that only Methodists could join him in prayer. He asked us all to join him while he prayed and asked God’s blessings for us all, regardless of our nationalities and religious beliefs.

How sad that hospital spokesman Brian Rothwell helped prevent sick and aging vets from hearing Christmas carols. I find this act very cruel and offensive! What about our Christian veterans’ rights? Why do we have to be disrespected while he and those like him continue to strip away our rights as American citizens?

John Rangel Jr.




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