Seniors feel Medicare cuts

In our U.S. government, both the Senate and House of Representatives made and passed reductions of quite a few benefits that were covered in Medicare. Instead of grandfathering those presently on Medicare and making the changes on new members, they cut across the board.


Case in point: I have sleep apnea, and my cost per year was less than $500. Medicare dropped all coverage for sleep apnea, and a high number of people in the Medicare program have sleep apnea. To my knowledge there were no letters or any highlights to notify us of what changes have taken effect unless you read the big book on Medicare coverage.

I personally called the offices of U.S. Rep. John Barrow and other congressional members, but received no feedback. Apparently we the people are not important. Our country needs major changes – mainly, changing better than 50 percent of our current government at all levels locally and nationally. Also, it would be great for the newspaper to print what the bad governmental decisions are that have been made vs. any good ones.

The older folks of this country are being stepped on with no respect to what they have worked for and paid taxes for. But we have kept these people in office, and we keep the same people who have government jobs as a career path and keep serving up more of the same – running for new positions and carrying out the same bad results.

It would be nice to see The Augusta Chronicle take on the Medicare question in an upcoming Sunday newspaper.

George Blackburn Sr.




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