Fight for the defenseless

There is something deeply disturbing about the mistreatment of small children and animals. I suspect it’s because they most often are unable to speak and defend themselves. That is exactly why adults have to speak up for them.


For more than a dozen years I have been an advocate for those with autism, along with hundreds of other parents and grandparents. Our goals have been to end the epidemic; help others understand that autism is a medical condition and not mental; and to find treatments and recovery for those already affected. Unfortunately, too many doctors do not understand what autism really is; therefore, the children do not get the proper treatments they need.

Animals cannot defend themselves either, and I have been appalled by the recent discovery that Georgia Regents University’s dental school has been using dogs for experimentation on dental implant testing. First, the dogs suffer from grueling surgery and pain, and afterward they are euthanized. This is not life-threatening medical research for adults and, therefore, totally unnecessary cruelty toward animals.

The dental school maintains it is testing a medicine to treat bacterial infections that some people are affected by following their implants. This reasoning does not pass my standard of compassion for the dogs they abuse.

We must stand up for what we believe is the mistreatment of children and animals. So much of our society is solidly based on how much money we can make for ourselves and the institutions we work for. Those of us with compassion must fight for those who can’t fight for themselves. If not, those who need us will be forgotten.

Maurine Meleck

North Augusta, S.C.



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