Writer touts poverty's cure

What? Wealth by not pursuing it? Wealth by not having the government give it to you? Wealth by indirect means?

In The Augusta Chronicle on Jan. 5, this great wisdom might be missed in Cal Thomas’ column: “The cure for most poverty: stay in school, get married before having children and stay married, work hard, save and invest.” Thomas calls it “old weaponry.” Ponder, folks. Only the last directive has anything to do with money – that is, as with happiness, avoiding poverty and accumulating wealth (at least having a solid income, paying the bills and having a little for recreation), is found without directly trying to achieve it!

Thomas’ “old weaponry” approach is old – about 3,400 years, from Moses. God’s instructions and commandments are good for life? For something other than angering liberals, progressives and atheists? For producing happiness? For being able to have economic soundness? Really?

So, is there another moral system that has brought individuals, families, societies and nations from poverty into wealth? What nation, other than the United States and those of the West, has achieved great wealth for all its members who are willing to make the commitment? All that from simple, but infinitely powerful, morals.

Since we have officially abandoned what our Founding Fathers believed as a society and as a nation, so goes our economic prosperity. Going, going, almost gone. God help us by emblazoning those morals into our lives.



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