Deal offers better target

Barack Obama was re-elected president by the people of the United States in 2012. Here in Richmond County, the president received more than 65 percent of the vote. Yet, The Augusta Chronicle has gone overboard in the past two months with its editorial cartoons that have portrayed (seemingly almost every day) the president as some stupid large-eared creature that (as for example, Eric Allie’s syndicated cartoon Jan. 7) is sinking or destroying the United States by one means or another.


Despite the fact that the Affordable Care Act is the law, the cartoons blast away at how it will destroy America. Well, it hasn’t, and The Chronicle better get used to the fact that millions now have signed up, and even the Republican Party realizes “it ain’t going to happen.”

Instead of bashing the president, the cartoons should blast away at Gov. Nathan Deal, who doesn’t want to accept funding from the government that will fully pay for Medicaid expansion over three years and a descending amount over 10 years. Gov. Deal has let other states such as New York gladly accept the money. Gov. Deal apparently wants some 600,000 Georgians to go without health insurance because he claims the government will not pay up. This, despite the fact that the Congress has appropriated the money! In other words Gov. Deal has refused a good deal that other states are happy to accept.

Gov. Deal may not have large ears, but The Chronicle should portray him as sitting with his hands in his pockets as 600,000 Georgians are at risk for their health and welfare.

That’s the kind of creature we should be looking at in the cartoons, not the president.

Lowell Greenbaum



(The writer is chairman of the Richmond County Democratic Party.)



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