Boss isn't morality judge

On Jan. 6, The Augusta Chronicle published an editorial titled “What freedoms will be left?” It talked about how providing birth control as part of mandated health insurance is an infringement on religious rights. This isn’t a new debate, but I wanted to share some thoughts on the matter.


First off, I’m generally a believer in smaller government. The real debate should be about whether government should be telling businesses they have to provide health insurance in any capacity. That being said, I’m really not sure why people think that letting people get birth control as part of their health plans is some major infringement on their own religious liberties.

The writer of this editorial talks about it like the government is force-feeding everyone birth control. It should be pointed out that just because it’s an option on someone’s health insurance doesn’t mean they have to use it. Those individuals still have their own choice of whether or not they want to take birth control.

It also should be noted that most religious people aren’t opposed to birth control. Most of them are opposed to sex out of wedlock. This means there are many people who believe it’s morally acceptable for some to take birth control but not others.

The question I have would be: Why is it my employer’s job to make my moral decisions? If we’re letting our employers have the full moral authority then you leave it open to allow forms of discrimination. For example, maybe I own a business and I want to give my married employees access to birth control but not the unmarried ones. Should I be allowed to be that kind of moral authority? Also there are some people who don’t believe in modern medicine at all, as per their religious beliefs. Does this mean these people should be exempt from providing health insurance to employees altogether?

Bottom line: If companies are going to have to provide health insurance, it shouldn’t be any boss’ job to make the moral decisions of his or her employees.

Dallas Duff


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