Obamacare makes it worse

In the past six months, I have had appointments with my three doctors – primary care, ortho and eye. I have had these physicians for years. We spent time talking about Obamacare. They are cutting services to Medicare patients, not accepting Medicaid and worrying about their patients.


All of my doctors have read, and had their attorneys review, the law. For example, if you reach age 65 or older and you fall and break your hip and go to the hospital, they will not admit you, but you will be sent to an old folks’ home that Medicare will pay for – but just for 21 days, after which you will be expected to pay for it out of your pocket or go home for your family to take care of you, if you have a family that is willing. If you get cancer, go home and die – they will not treat you.

I think “death committees” will exist under Obamacare. Obama stole more than $700 billion from the Medicare funds that we as seniors have paid and continue to pay into Medicare – just to fund Obamacare for those who sit on their behinds and expect working people or retirees who worked for their care to pay for sorry and lazy people’s care. We do not owe them anything!

This man has done more to destroy the work ethic and the freedoms of this country than anyone ever in this country’s history. I hope we survive until he is gone and we can hopefully elect someone who knows the Constitution and what it stands for.

Anyone who votes to put a liberal Democrat back in office deserves what they get – and this includes U.S. Rep. John Barrow.

Don Turner




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