Work toward safer society

I propose an uncommon solution for a common dilemma.


Gun violence has saturated our society. Gun violence has become commonplace, and we slowly are becoming desensitized to this violence. Daily we hear about senseless gun violence. My solution may shock some of my fellow citizens. However, I feel that it is a necessary step we must take to provide a safer society.

I propose we create zones in each city. I propose we rank these zones according to the level of violence. I propose we direct extra law enforcement personnel to these zones. I propose we use military and volunteer citizens to enhance manpower. I propose enforcing curfews on young adults. I propose restricting the number of young adults riding together in automobiles.

There needs to be a system set up to catch at-risk youths and direct them to after-school programs. In every neighborhood, enough residents know who the good kids are and who the bad kids are, and which families let their kids run wild in the streets. These kids eventually become a problem to all law-abiding citizens. Why not have a system to report these at-risk kids and get them help before they are involved in the court system? If they are not in school, mandate them to be at school or at work.

Also, work with them, their schools and their parents to get them back in school. No kid should be allowed to stay home or just drop out of school. If that kid does not get an education, he or she may not be able to gain meaningful employment. That kid may become a liability to society. Parents need to invest in their children’s future with their time and knowledge, and assist them getting the best education possible.

I firmly believe that if a child knows better, he or she will do better. As the African-American proverb goes, “Each one, teach one.” Responsible adults should mentor children and direct them into being responsible adults.

In closing, the old cliché still rings true: No one can save us from us but us.

David Carrie




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