Plan's claims untruthful

The Federal Trade Commission is assigned to enforce a law commonly known as “truth in advertising.” This law is designed to protect all consumers from products advertised by any means – television, print, Internet. etc. The FTC is to look at all products to confirm the validity of their claims, whether truthful or not. The entirety of its jurisdiction is from cars to fine print in funeral agreements. Its total focus is to protect the consumer.

After the FTC has determined that fraud or mistruths are present, they file in federal court to immediately and permanently stop the scam. Compensation often is sought for those hurt, along with an assurance to stop any future advertising of the product and distribution of the product through the freezing of assets.

Our government has entered a new arena with Obamacare and its mandated enforcement to buy a product. Before, the government has made promises – no taxes, employment, etc. – but never has had a product designed by government to be purchased. And this product, through legitimate means, was advertised and therefore, I believe, should be regulated and monitored by the FTC. It is a product with multiple claims, now proved completely false. And through our government’s records, there was a record of cover-up that would have and should have resulted in criminal actions against the advertisers of this product because of its outright fraud in its claims.

The FTC should immediately step in and stop Obamacare as a violation of truth in advertising. The Justice Department also should step in and look at laws concerning monopolies in the marketplace. If our laws do not apply to our government and its employees, then truly we have a two-class society – the ruling elites who write the laws, and the rest of us who have to abide by them.

When laws are not equally applied, the people should rise up. From our Founding Fathers through the civil rights movement, it’s our birthright.



Wed, 11/22/2017 - 20:40

Rick McKee Editorial Cartoon