Obamacare's failures rise

Obamacare is a failure and needs to be repealed.


First, it was sold as a way to insure 45 million people who did not have insurance. According to The Wall Street Journal, there still will be 30 million people without insurance even after it’s completely rolled out.

Second, the president told us time and again that we could keep our health-care plans, doctors and hospitals. Not true.

Third, he told us time and again our average premiums would go down about $2,500, and in too many cases the opposite is true.

Fourth, everyone who signs up on the website, if they are able to log in, is subject to a security risk.

The law has caused companies to hold their employment down and convert the employees they do have to part time. People can’t find jobs because of the president’s economic policies and regulatory climate, yet are mandated to buy insurance they don’t need and/or can’t afford.

The left claims to be the party of compassion, but right now, there are millions of frightened Americans out there who, before Obamacare, were paying for good insurance, but now have no idea what they are going to do.

The law has nothing to do with health care, but rather one more way this administration has taken away individual liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The administration has lied about and mismanaged every aspect of this rollout. Now the left wants us to believe all will be great after a few years. After all the lies, why would anyone believe that?

The president is too proud to admit he and his fellow Democrats made a huge mistake passing a law that is hurting average Americans. Today, we don’t have as big a health-care problem in this country as we do a management and a hubris problem.



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