Now, the other Mr. Miller

In the past two weeks, six people have asked me why a man of the cloth such as myself would write the letter to the editor “Prayer still doesn’t work” (Dec. 11). (Editor’s note: That letter was written by a Martinez resident who shares the same name as this letter writer.)

The letter had something to do with a man’s disbelief that prayer to his Maker might be heard and make a difference. With this letter, as I did about a year ago but without response, I cordially invite the other Jeff Miller to breakfast or perhaps coffee, my treat. We can talk about prayer, politics, science, atheism, family affairs, cars or the color of trees – or talk of nothing overtly religious at all, and perhaps simply play a game of cards or Scrabble.

I invite this good man to please contact me through my website at, I look forward to a nice chat!

(The writer is pastor of Vineyard Community Church in Augusta.)


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