Stop neglecting your pets

At this time of the year of joy, giving and loving, there apparently are people who don’t think pets should receive humane treatment. People just tie them up, feed them, give them water and leave them to themselves. I wonder if they even have proper shelter from the environment – no love, no affection and no getting off the tether at any time whatsoever.


Do those people consider themselves animal lovers? I don’t think so. I have observed such treatment now for several months and in previous years, and the law says yes, if they are tethered, they can stay there 24/7 as long as they have water, food and proper shelter. I am not certain of any of these, as I do not enter private property. But I do know that I have requested animal control or whoever has a heart for animals to check it out.

Not enough is being done to honor those creatures that people call pets. Lots of them adore them and treat them right, but there also are those who think that it is enough to tie an animal up in the back some place, give them water and food and let it be. Why do they want a pet? So they can be cruel to them by not paying them any mind beyond the absolute necessities? Or are there other factors involved that are not mentioned such as preparing those poor creatures for man’s “entertainment”?

I despise anyone who is unkind to an animal, and hope any such person will get his or her just desserts!

Adelheid Waters