Give pupils full schedule

I read with great interest recently a resolution from the Georgia School Board Association – an appeal to Gov. Nathan Deal to support a full academic calendar for the schoolchildren of Georgia. Specifically, the request was to fully fund 180 student-teacher contact days.


The children of Georgia are not receiving a full calendar year of academic preparation. I am convinced that everyone can see the disadvantage this lack of school days presents for our children. We are setting them up to be unable to compete with other children across the nation and across the world.

We cannot allow this to happen. This situation robs the children of their future place as productive men and women in our global economy. We must act now by contacting our governor and state legislative officials and demand a full schedule of school days for the students of Georgia.

Frank G. Roberson, Ph.D.



(The writer is superintendent of the Richmond County School System.)



Sat, 01/20/2018 - 00:00

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