Don't let crabs hinder you

We are where we are because we made an appointment to be there. By that, I mean we are a product of the choices we have made. If we choose the sequence of completing school, getting jobs, getting married and having children when we can afford them, we have a greater chance of successful lives for ourselves and our families than if we engaged in any other sequence.


We are a product of our heredity, environment and experiences. We can’t control our heredity, but we can influence our environment and our experiences by the choices we make as to whom we associate with and how we decide to spend our time. If we associate with positive, uplifting, goal-oriented people, they can propel us toward a positive lifestyle.

However, if we associate with negative, low-ambition, take-what-you-can-get, unmotivated people, our lives most likely will be the same as theirs. If we associate with these negative people, don’t think it will be easy to escape them and their influence. Have you ever noticed in a basket of crabs how, when one crab tries to escape to freedom by crawling out of the basket, the others will reach up and pull it down? That’s the same thing these negative associates will do.

In this day of the Internet and great libraries, there is no excuse for anyone not taking advantage of all the self-improvement resources available. Rather than choosing to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons hanging with friends or watching television, go to the library and read biographies, histories and self-improvement books. With the availability of Augusta’s main library and numerous branches, the majority of people are within a two-hour walk if one has no transportation.

So, no matter what one’s station is in life, a person can take charge of his or her future by choices made every day. No excuses. No blaming someone else.

Dee Stafford




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