His answers, in His time

It was with a sense of sadness that I read Jeff Miller’s letter to the editor, “Prayer still doesn’t work” (Dec. 11). He blasphemes a loving God with scholarly words, but with what I perceive and hope is a potentially questing heart.


Those who do not understand prayer believe prayers are rarely, if ever, answered; those who daily spend time speaking to God in prayer know that He always answers.

His answers may not be what we hoped it would be and may not be according to our time schedule, but rest assured it will be for our good or for the good of society.

We see life as it occurs now during our individual lifetime; God sees the whole history of mankind from eternity to eternity and works tirelessly for one purpose: the salvation of every soul. But without faith in our Lord, this is all nonsense and all the arguments made, no matter how persuasive on behalf of our Creator, will fall on indifferent or hostile ears. The Bible speaks to this very issue in I Corinthians 2:12-16.

For those who pray infrequently or not at all, it may appear from Mr. Miller’s article that prayer is primarily centered on what we want God to do for us. Certainly that is one aspect of prayer, but more importantly, it is a time to praise God for being our awesome, kind, and generous Father; to offer thanksgiving for our lives and those who love us and whom we love; and finally, to ask God’s intercession for those we know who are disheartened and heavily burdened by circumstance.

You can never know or understand God until you speak with Him often and intimately in prayer. Expect only that God loves you and wills only the best for you.

Victor Reston


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