Liberal media defend Dems

Two letters to the editor Dec. 7 – Pearl Harbor Day – show the state of the country.


In the first letter, which complains about Obamacare hurting the nation (“Who didn’t see this coming?”), the writer notes that President Obama “is systematically taking away these freedoms while the (liberal) media, who should be exposing the truth, stand by and cheer it on.”

The second letter, which also assailed Obamacare (“Remember this in 2014”), said, “we are being governed by a bunch of lawless and godless tyrants. I just hope we don’t forget that when we go to the polls in the 2014 elections.”

Put those two quotes together and you have the liberal media allowing the outrages of its fellow Democrat, Obama, while the second writer pins all hopes on future elections. But who controls the elections? The media that the first writer complained about. It keeps going in a circle.

The liberal media – mainly the Democrat Associated Press, since it reaches 225 million potential readers daily in the United States in 1,200 U.S. newspapers – controls the data that the deciding one-third of the voters use to base their voting decisions on. With full control over the data, as a virtual monopoly, AP gets the newspapers to run hundreds of campaign stories on fellow Democrat Obama that have no negatives, and hundreds of stories on Republicans Mitt Romney and John McCain that are filled with negatives.

Then AP sits back and lets the “voters decide” who is the better candidate, based on false information posed as “news” stories. Haven’t we seen this upcoming movie on 2014 and 2016 that the second letter writer is basing all of his hopes on? Don’t we already know who’s going to win until we slide into socialism? Don’t we realize that our votes don’t count when compared with liberal AP’s control of the data?

Thus we get liberal AP’s fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, as much as we may be trying to stop the liberal erosion of freedoms. We can’t improve until the press improves, and the press doesn’t see any problem with itself.

Doesn’t journalism have some important work to do over the next few years in the run-up to the elections? Like, saving Democracy? As the Pearl Harbor sailors 72 years ago were pleading: S.O.S.

Tom Hunter




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