Which vision do you want?

Here are two visions for North Augusta:


Picture a beautifully landscaped public park with a large band shell – the perfect venue for musical entertainment and a place of celebration of our most prized traditional values (think the Fourth of July). The grassy expanse of a park could be used and enjoyed on a daily basis and would offer a compatible extension of the natural beauty and peaceful atmosphere of North Augusta’s brick ponds and Greeneway. Another possible addition to this picture could be a latticed pavilion incorporating a catering kitchen to host weddings, reunions, etc., which also would offer another source of rental income for the city.

Now picture a baseball stadium, and imagine the apparently inherent noise and light pollution along with the seemingly unavoidable traffic concerns and all that those would mean to nearby residents – not to mention the public safety challenges.

The recent message from the North Augusta City Council is that nothing has been finalized on the Project Jackson stadium deal, and that they are proceeding slowly and deliberately. With that in mind I’d like to ask: Which of these two very different pictures do we believe will offer the best use of our city’s most valuable real estate; which will offer the most enjoyment and benefit to the most people; and last, but certainly not least, shouldn’t North Augusta’s citizens/taxpayers be offered a referendum to express their choice?

Barbara O. Sweeney

North Augusta, S.C.



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