Town police on the job

In the Nov. 27 edition of The Augusta Chronicle, there was a rant about Hephzibah city police operating radar on Georgia Highway 25 between Georgia Highway 88 and Mims Road. The ranter stated that the Georgia State Patrol and the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office should be responsible for that.


Fact is, both the GSP and Richmond County do patrol and operate radar there – and since it is part of the city limits, by law, so does Hephzibah.

We enjoy living in the city limits of Hephzibah, with its own fire, police and water departments – and no city taxes! The city has its own issues like any other, but we are proud of the law enforcement efforts to protect us and deal with the riff-raff who enters our town. I have observed very close cooperation between the city, county and state.

Sounds like sour grapes on the part of the ranter. Maybe a traffic ticket is in the picture somewhere.

Also, Hephzibah did catch some chicken thieves recently, and a trio of burglars.

When you see the ZIP code 30815, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is inside the city limits.

Chuck Stevens




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