Watch for the slippery slope

I realize that this newspaper has the bully pulpit and their own opinion about what does and does not work in the political arena. I also realize that it is weighted to the right, and of course most all of your comments go to support that position. I am one of those compassionate conservatives that Gen. Colin Powell would identify with and, being a retired Army sergeant from the Vietnam era, have that in common with that person.

I also know about the slippery slope, and what I am referring to is that when one party wants things done their way without considering the other’s points of view, when the power is switched to the other side, the slippery slope begins again and anew. Admittedly the Obamacare process is getting a rough manhandling by the party that is not in control right now, but one wonders: What will happen if the party that is out becomes the party that is in? Do all those who are signed up for this program now go to the streets with nothing?

Why not, instead of criticism, make suggestions on how to fix the whole thing, and let government actually work just like many of us would like the process to work in a general sort of fashion?

Fred Pauer




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