Newspaper took right stand

I was down in the local area spending some time with my family over the Thanksgiving weekend when I was fortunate enough to read your editorial titled “A republic in name only?” (Dec. 1).

Living near Fayetteville, N.C. – where the only paper is a liberal-leaning publication totally supportive of everything this administration does – it was a pleasure to read this piece. I’m glad there still are some papers in this country that are willing to do what the public expects and hold our government accountable for its actions instead of mindlessly backing it up when it obviously is in violation of the very things that made this nation what it is. Our nation and way of life are in great peril, and it warms my heart to know at least one newspaper sees it.

I forwarded a copy of your editorial to our paper here as an example of what a responsible publication is supposed to do. The good people of the CSRA are lucky to have you at their side as partners in defense of liberty. Keep up the great work.

Chris Zets

Parkton, N.C.



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