Editorial was right-wing bile

Regarding the full-page editorial in the Dec. 1 newspaper (“A republic in name only?”): I recently moved here and am shocked at the constant vitriol and hatred spewed forth in The Augusta Chronicle by the editorial staff and columnists against the president of this country. It evidences the covert racism of those who are offended by how this black man thinks he can be president of their country, and by those Republicans who actually are the ones who “openly punish political enemies and reward political friends.”


The whole piece appears to be straight off the Fox “News” Channel, and I believe it is filled with lies, half-truths and misstatements. Fox News is considered by many in this country to be a joke that is ridiculed more every day by anyone who actually realizes Fox does everything it can to manipulate viewers by spreading fear and misinformation.

As to the content of the editorial: You or Fox News neglected to mention that the activities by the National Security Agency commenced long before President Obama took office, or that many Republicans in Congress have done everything in their power to block any and all legislation backed by the “upstart” president or the Democrats.

And regarding Obamacare: Funny that it has gone well in states that set up their state exchanges, compared to the states that opted out in an attempt to make the legislation fail – despite the impact on the residents of their states who need insurance.

So give your opinion, but try to be a little honest and fair in the process.

Marjorie McNeil



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