Barrow supports Obamacare

President Obama said, “We’re going to do everything we can, wherever we can, with or without Congress.” This statement flies in the face of checks and balances, and separation of powers. Is this why U.S. Rep. John Barrow – or, depending on where his ads run, “John Barrah” – supports funding Obamacare?


Some contend that Barrow voted against Obamacare. Correct. Barrow boasts that he has voted with Republicans dozens of times regarding the individual mandate. Correct. That said, understand that it will not be implemented if it is not funded, and Barrow voted with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi against the Republican measure to not fund Obamacare.

Common sense dictates that one cannot be “against” something, yet vote to fund it as Mr. Barrow has done. He can claim that he voted “against” Obamacare and that he voted “for” Obamacare – and he will be correct. Slick. Disingenuous, but slick. Worse, he thinks so little of us that he continues to engage in town hall rhetoric and cameos on par with Bill Clinton. Barrow is all about Barrow’s political career when it should be about public service. He should stand for something, whatever it is. If you’re against it, why vote to fund it?

Regarding Obamacare that Mr. Barrow supports (regardless of what he says), what about its near-billion-dollar website designed by friends of the Obamas that still doesn’t work even after years of preparation and warnings to the White House months in advance that it was flawed? If there’s no funding, there’s no website debacle and no loss of coverage and massive premium increases for tens of millions of working Americans, correct?

No matter what Barrow says and spins, he voted to fund Obamacare and thus its fallout. Never forget it. And, 11 months from now, remind him at the polls and support congressional candidates Rick Allen or John Stone, as both are decent, honorable Americans. Barrow fears you will, as he is now speaking gung-ho against it.

You know, Barrow looked pretty tough and rugged in his 2012 TV commercial holding a gun, but when it came to standing up to Pelosi, not so much.

Lee Benedict




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