Sheriff's office betters county

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is being run and conducted to improve overall law enforcement in Richmond County, and to establish a bond among its citizens in all communities.


Sheriff Richard Roundtree set out from the very beginning to get the people of Richmond County involved, establishing a direct link by appointing and training a civilian force to bring about a direct connection between the people and his department. He also has trained his officers to be more people-oriented, thereby creating a direct connection in all communities of Richmond County.

Roundtree himself enjoys being more visible – he visits churches and synagogues, and he allows himself to interact with the people wherever he goes. Roundtree allows his countenance and demeanor to reflect who he is.

Crime has gone down, and if the people of Richmond County show more support and the Augusta commissioners show much more support, Richmond County will improve the lives and well-being of its citizens.

This letter is not being written to heap excessive praise on the sheriff’s office, but rather it is an attempt to raise the level of thinking of the people of Richmond County. By the way, I know the sheriff well – he once worked security at the former Regency Mall and I supervised maintenance. So I can speak with authority on this: As a security officer at the mall, he always worked and acted in a very professional manner.

Joseph Diggs Sr.




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