Health care is in jeopardy

Americans have access to the best health care in the world, but we are watching its demise. I am very worried that the hardworking middle-class taxpayers – the very people who are paying for the poor and elderly – will now not be able to seek medical care for themselves because they do not have the money left to do so.

We live in a vibrant medical community and have wonderful doctors, and I know many who give generously of their time, but they must be compensated to stay in business. Government programs do not solve the problem because the payments for cost of care are not sufficient to cover doctors’ overhead costs and make a profit to support their own families.

I can think of dozens of ways to improve the system, but these changes must be done by people who understand and listen.

I hope that in Georgia we will be smart, and that Gov. Nathan Deal, our legislators, the insurance companies, the doctors and other medical professionals – as well as taxpaying people – will meet together and make some good decisions on how to provide medical care in our state.

Medical care, like everything else, is not free. Someone is paying for it. The government has no money without taxpayers, and we have no care without doctors.



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