Have a happy Thanksgiving

Well, it’s turkey time again – family get-togethers, green bean casseroles and pecan pie.


Aside from the food and family, this very special holiday is one in which we all can participate regardless of religious affiliation, and it’s one of my favorites. It offers us a chance to reflect upon the things we can truly be thankful for. Sure, it would be easy to look back on the year and be reminded of the disappointments and failings – not all of which are of our own doing – but we are a people of endurance.

Even with such grayness, which seems at times to want to descend upon us and devour us, the smallest glimmer of hope is enough to give one the strength to carry on. It is for this reason that a time of thanksgiving allows us the opportunity, for a moment, to set aside the bad times and embrace the gifts that life has bestowed on us.

A visit from an old friend; the embrace of an aging parent even as you are embraced by your own children; the kindness of a stranger – each offers hope of a brighter future. For some, the expectation of better times seems so far away, and yet we endure. Our prayers, our determination and the memory of what we have achieved keep the spirit of hope alive. It is the love of our children that we keep looking for, the day when we can acknowledge that we stared despair in the face and did not surrender.

So, with all we have endured, let us be thankful for those things we hold dear, and thank God almighty for the blessings He has given to us at this special time of the year. We look forward to better times and a fruitful bounty for all. And it is with an open heart that my family extends to all a very special, happy Thanksgiving.

Larry Rodgers



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