Our union isn't perfect, just more so than others; right now it's endangered

This is a response to Mr. Bobby Etheridge’s letter of Nov. 14.


As a Christian, surely you know Christians aren’t perfect. Neither is the United States. But I contend it is more perfect than any other nation, ever.

Even the founding fathers recognized their work was not perfect, and said so in the first line to the Constitution – “in Order to form a more perfect Union.”

Slavery is an abhorrent fact of early American history, but it did end – almost 150 years ago. Being history, it will never change. But if people refuse to look beyond that period in our history, racial divisions can never end, can they?

In his “Gettysburg Address,” President Lincoln spoke of our founding by saying it was “dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” Even he recognized our country was an unfinished work, but is one built on a framework worthy of aspiring to. No other nation in history was built on such a frame.

And you speak of segregation as though it has ended. Has it? If it has, why are there so many “black” entities? For instance, “Miss Black America” contests, a myriad of “for black people” dating sites, “black” college funds and “Black Pages” phone books.

In more recent history, as blacks acquired the ability to move into nicer middle class homes, what happened? Today we have predominately white neighborhoods and predominately black neighborhoods. Apparently this segregation you complain about is a human condition, sought out voluntarily.

In your paragraph about evil conservatives, you complain, saying “They don’t want to do anything that will hurt the rich.” As a Christian, why would you want to hurt anyone? I do agree with your contention that “Most of the people on welfare deserve to be on welfare.” I’m glad you said “most,” because there are some who are truly in need. The rest tend to vote to remain on welfare and as a result will never rise above it. The conservative complaint about this is that these voters are dragging the current middle class down with them.

You are wrong when you said “conservatives are against President Obama’s Affordable Care Act because it helps the poor and the middle class.” Conservatives are against it because it helps only the extremely poor by further enriching the extremely wealthy. Conservatives recognize that the government takeover of our health system is the keystone to communism. If we allow it to become fully implemented, our nation will soon consist only of the poor and of the bourgeoisie. There will be no middle class.

Conservatives see that the Affordable Care Act has little to do with health care and everything to do with government control over the most basic aspect of our lives. In spite of the twisted logic used by John Roberts to justify it, it goes against everything this country was founded on.

It is appalling that our government has created a law that says you and I must buy something from “rich” insurance companies. Old people must buy a policy that includes prenatal care; single young men must buy insurance covering birth control; women must be covered for prostate exams; and Christians must go against biblical teachings and pay for abortions.

Where did the government get the right to do this? Certainly not from the United States Constitution.

Once the destruction of our Constitution is complete and the middle class in America is itself history, who will protect the poor then? They – we – will be at the mercy of people who drive around in black limousines with dark tinted windows so that we may not look upon them.

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