Citizens must force reforms

The past and present Congress and White House have put our country in financial ruin.


We are heading toward bankruptcy. Such is reflected in our escalating deficit. The deficit was $8.8 trillion in 2008; today, it has doubled to more than $17 trillion. In 2008, every man, woman and child owed about $30,000 toward the deficit. Today they each owe about $60,000. Our economy can no longer afford such a liability.

We citizens should force reforms to the campaign and election processes; force limits of two four-year terms for the president and each member of Congress; and force the enactment of a practical 15-year balanced budget amendment.

The immediate task for Congress and the president is to declare a state of financial crisis, and pass a budget with austerity cuts on all payments made by the U.S. Treasury, including the salaries and benefits of Congress and the president.

There is a principle in economics that a debt eventually has to be paid, and the sooner the better. Let us hope that at the end of 25 years we will have a manageable deficit.

Dante Antonacci




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