Legal system too twisted

Let’s see now: Scott Dean, wrongfully accused and convicted on two counts of child molestation, stays incarcerated while his life is forever damaged and altered. The accuser, Silda Dean – who admits to lying and perjury – remains free with apparent impunity. The judge says the wrongfully convicted should stay in jail. Yet no one pursues the accuser who perjured herself and wrecked the lives of others.

Tell me: Why does she have to be convicted of perjury? She freely admits to it. Have her sign a statement. I think there is no need for a trial to convict someone of something they admit to.

Is it not obvious that our legal system has lost all decency and common sense? How sad it is that it is run by such thorough legal logic that somehow leads to twisted outcomes. Only in America do the criminals have more rights than the victims.

Russ Larkin

North Augusta, S.C.



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