Don't be out of touch

I have come to the conclusion that Augusta’s black commissioners do not understand why they were voted into office.


That vote on improving downtown Augusta was put together by the white commissioners, and they knew that the blacks would not go along, so they found a way by playing with words to get the votes they needed. If I was on the Augusta Commission, I would have brokered a deal. I would have said, “OK, I will vote for the improvement, but I would like to offer an amendment – if you will go along with adding 12th Street, Twiggs Street and lower-level Wrightsboro Road, then I will neither seek nor offer any objections to any improvements package.”

I saw Commissioner Bill Lockett as usual with his computer, and commissioners Alvin Mason, Corey Johnson, Marion Williams and Bill Fennoy just going along. These black commissioners never even visit the areas from where the votes came that put them in office. They are, in my opinion, simply pitiful and ignorant to fostering changes in the communities they represent. If they had opted for change, then jobs, beautification and Augusta’s overall appearance would change.

Please, take this as constructive criticism.

Joseph Diggs Sr.