Let's abort Obamacare

Don’t delay! Grasp the nationalized health care plan, extract the body of the plan, make an incision in the individual mandate with a blunt dissector, then suction out the higher taxes on small business owners and middle class families. As it collapses, remove the health care rationing, and vacuum aspirate the cross subsidies. Crush it.


Sound a little extreme and over the top? President Obama said it’s fine to partially abort an American baby in such terms. Why not abort his health care plan with the same ferocity and savagery?

Abortion shows the exact reason why Obamacare should be axed. If our government can vote that innocent babies don’t have the right to live, it can certainly take the right to life from other segments of the population. As health care dollars dry up, we know Obama will have no qualms withholding treatment from those he deems a burden. The truth is, his health care regulations are a burden to our hard-working health care providers.

For the health of the mother, the father and the child, this Obamacare abortion is vital, even if it’s late-term!

Kathryn Lehn



Tue, 08/15/2017 - 23:26

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