Bad law must be repealed

We now know what President Obama meant by “transforming America” – it is that the liberal elite know what is best for all the rest of us, and their wishes will be instituted by force.


Obamacare mandates what the health care insurance companies must offer (counter to the private enterprise model), it mandates that U.S. citizens buy what is offered (directly opposite to an individual’s freedom of choice), and then uses the IRS to enforce the mandates.

Obama lied about this to get elected twice, and to get it passed in Congress. He is well on his way to establishing a liberal dictatorship overturning our democratic republic.

This law gives him and the secretary of Health and Human Services wide authority in deciding which elements of the law are to be enforced and on whom, without votes by Congress.

Implementation of this law must not only be delayed; the law must be repealed.

Thomas N. Dean

Aiken, S.C.