Change Congress' benefits

You read it in newspapers and magazines, you hear it on television, columnists write about it and our lawmakers rant about it.


What is it? All the money going out in entitlements – and then they cite Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid in the same category as food stamps, rent subsidies, free cell phones and other “benefits” the government supplies and we taxpayers finance.

I am 80 years old and have worked from the age of 17 until I retired in 1995. Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are my entitlements because I paid into them through the taxes my government imposed on my wages during the time of my employment. During that time, I never benefited from food stamps or rent subsidies, but my payroll taxes paid for them.

It is about time to require retiring members of Congress to go on Social Security like all the people who put them in office. Also, put them on regular federal retirement plans and require them to buy into the same health plans we have.

How dare they pass a law that would affect the entire population and generations to come without knowing what it will do, how it will affect the current health systems or cost. But then, to ensure they keep their current free health plan, they get themselves a presidential exemption. This is the same governing body that votes its own pay raises because it can.

Now a few lawmakers are waking up, and I hope a large number of voters remind them in the next election who really runs this republic.



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