Yucca must open

Bravo on your Oct. 28 editorial “We need Yucca now.” I get the Nuclear Townhall newsletter and it highlighted the editorial.


I have been following nuclear technologist Kirk Sorenson, formerly of NASA, who is championing liquid fluoride thorium reactors. He provides a brilliant overview. Yucca Mountain not only is one of the safest places for spent nuclear waste, but if LFTR gets adopted in this country, we will have plenty of energy to power pulse lasers and possibly use much of the untapped energy from spent fuel rods, even after years of storage at Yucca.

If our politicians in Nevada were smart, they would turn Yucca into a win-win for the state and get paid by all the states to take the waste and turn it into energy.

It’s all going to be possible. It just takes educating the public to put pressure and demands on the politicians. It also takes the will of a country to get it right!

Jill Watson

Stateline, Nev.



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