Don't delay Obamacare

Dierks Bentley has an amusing music video titled What Was I Thinking? – in which a young man pursues the affections of a desirable young woman, with ghastly consequences. It put me in mind of the people now calling for conservatives to delay the implementation of Obamacare until past the 2014 elections.


Great thinking. I’m sure the Democrats up for re-election will be grateful – they will show it by burying you with a media blitz convincing the low-information voters that only Democrats can save us from the consequences. Kicking the can down the road means Democrats won’t be facing voters who have lost their present coverage and had it replaced for many times the cost. If it’s delayed, no one will get the fines for not having the “right” coverage. Delay, and there is plausible deniability and time for liberals – working in concert with their propaganda arm, the media – to paint conservatives as being responsible for the debacle that follows.

Is there an upside to delay? Does anyone think Democrats will, or could, even fix this mess in the space of a year? Under what incentive? Do you believe delay will make the liberals grateful for their rescue, or conservatives loved by the media?

Delay this, and the Republican Party will be singing that song I mentioned, and it will not be in the least amusing.

Dave Stewart Sr.




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