Our ideals often rejected

Your recent editorial “Our sacred honor” (Oct 27) was an eloquent but essentially futile plea for unity, because it fails to recognize current political reality: On our most fundamental beliefs, we are increasingly a deeply divided nation.


Your assertion that we are separated because we no longer see those things that unite us – freedom, self-reliance, responsibility – is incorrect. It’s not that we no longer see these once-commonly accepted and unifying principles. We are divided as a nation because significant and apparently growing numbers of our fellow citizens reject these ideals. They see them just fine. They just don’t like what they see.

Unlike our Founding Fathers, who were unified in their opposition to British rule and wholly committed to independence and self-reliance, a significant number of Americans today reject freedom and its accompanying burden of responsibility in favor of more government, more dependence, less self-reliance and less responsibility. This is not a small difference of opinion over details within the framework of shared core principles and an overarching guiding vision. No, this is a deep, fundamental conflict between competing and diametrically opposed political, social and economic philosophies for the hearts and minds of this nation.

The outcome of this conflict will define what kind of America in which our children and grandchildren will live. Will it be a nation that embraces and celebrates the principles and virtues that have, until now, defined our national character? Or will it be a nation that continues its current march into debt, despotism and despair?

The nation is divided. The stakes are high – too high to allow ourselves to indulge a fantasy of wishful thinking over some never-to-be-realized unity. Sadly, that ship has sailed.




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